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Website Loading So Slow: And What Can You Do About It?

Website Loading So Slow: And What Can You Do About It?

The internet has no place for a slow loading website. In fact, the Google user (i.e. the customers) won’t visit the websites that take too long to load.

This sort of behavior of the customers led search engine to include the site speed as one of the ranking factor of the website. There are many factors that act as a speed bump on your website; some of them are listed below:

  • Huge images on the sites that remain uncompressed.
  • Apps and plugins which are not optimized
  • Too many ads on the website
  • Too many widgets
  • Code is not optimized
  • Redirects on the website
  • Poor hosting

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You can also hire an SEO agency from India to optimize your website by typing top SEO company in India on Google and getting appropriate searches.

Does the speed of the website matter?

Site speed is one of the most important factors that matter as Google doesn’t want its user to have a bad experience. And users do want to wait till a particular website loads up completely.

A fast loading website delivers a better user experience. It helps the visitors to see what a website is offering and also helps them to navigate to different pages of the website. In short, speed is considered as an integral part of user experience.

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How to speed up the website?

Keeping the speed of the website as fast as possible can be an overwhelming task in the beginning as there are so many factors that cause the problem of slow speed.

You can start heading to Page speed insights and allow Google to analyze the site speed. This will give you a clear overview of your current issues and where you need to make improvements. You also hire SEO outsourcing company India to solve the issue related to site speed.

Tips to improve the speed of the website:

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  1. Avoid landing page redirects: A single redirect adds an additional request-response cycle that adds more work on the page before it is displayed.  Click here now to check out latest updates on SEO.
  2. Improve the server response time. The server response time must be less than 200ms.
  3. Optimization of the images: The images which are optimized reduce their size without impacting the quality.
  4. Optimization of CSS and HTML coding
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