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How does Kajabi integrate with the Facebook pixel?

How does Kajabi integrate with the Facebook pixel?

Kajabi is the CMS which is high in demand these days. Almost every individual is having a website on this platform for the sale of their products online.

But there are several people who are in search of the ways to integrate their facebook tracking pixel directly to their kajabi website which helps them track several things which are required to make the online business successful.

This kind of the integration allows them to track the purchases made by the clients, page views, etc. If you are a newbie to this CMS then you can take help from the Kajabi developers who will help you do all the aspects related to this platform.

The experienced developer will create everything on their own. So, in this way you need not worry about the website you own online.

You can concentrate on selling the products and services you want to sell online.

Below are some of the ways with which you can integrate kajabi with the Facebook pixel:

  • On the kajabi platform, you need to go to your admin dashboard where you will find the integrations tab.
  • Scroll down to find the Facebook pixel integration. And turn this integration on.
  • Then you need to go back to facebook tab and find Pixel ID. You will find the pixel ID on the right side of your Facebook dashboard.
  • Copy the ID.
  • After that paste that ID in the integration tab available in the Kajabi Dashboard.
  • Then click save.

In this way, you will integrate the Kajabi with the Facebook pixel. You can also visit this website to know more about the Kajabi platform.

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