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Different Stages Of Innovation Process

Different Stages Of Innovation Process

Innovation is a collaborative process by which organizations eliminate old prototype and make significant advances. Innovative ideas come from various sources, including unreasonable demands or goals and time pressures.

An innovative design is not helpful for Business until it is tested and implemented. The perfect innovative solution is sometimes there as a vision, a thought, a dream or just a wish. But it is often difficult to take it into reality.

Some individuals have great ideas but they do not know the concepts of implementing. Unfortunately, these ideas die as the conversion of the vision to a reality is unknown.


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By linking your innovative ideas to the Business Improvement Strategies, you can implement them very well. The organization needs to create a form for the Innovation process.

The Innovation Process has five stages:-

Stage 1: Generate Ideas

This is the most important part of the innovation process . Innovative ideas normally come from a vision, an unreasonable demand, or a goal.

Stage 2: Capture Ideas from the First Stage

After the team discussion, make sure to record the ideas. A great brainstorming technique is to ask each team member to silently brainstorm individually. Ask them to write each idea they come up with. Then create an “affinity diagram” on the wall or whiteboard by collectively organizing all the ideas into columns of similar ideas.

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Stage 3: Begin the Innovation

Review the entire list of ideas and develop them into a series of statements of ideas. Then you should discuss on which one you want to explore. Next, quantify the benefits of each statement of ideas to be pursued.

Stage 4: Develop a Business-Effective Strategy

Innovation implementation begins here. It usually means a re-think of an existing process, product, or service.

Stage 5: Apply Business Improvement

Once the innovation is applied, it is necessary to continuously examine it for the possible improvements to the process, product, or service. You can also check this useful reference to discover how you can get the best value from your innovation budget.
The team starts this process by identifying the business process gaps between what is done in the present and what is done in the innovation.


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