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Differences Between Hardwood And Oak Sliding Doors

Differences Between Hardwood And Oak Sliding Doors

Oak is a kind of hardwood from assorted pine trees which is hard and durable. Doors made from a hardwood and softwood differ in a lot of ways. A normal door created from pine has a higher resistance to humidity and moisture.

This usually means that the door would not easily twist when you have got elevated levels of humidity inside your property. Standard inner sliding doors created from pine will probably be stiff and sturdy. These doors may also tend to show wear over time if they're heavily utilized.

Appearance is another difference that is seen with oak hardwood doors and pine softwood doors. Doors that are made from oak tend to the darker in color with a unique grain pattern in the wood.

The grain of the wood also has a texture that you can feel. A door made from pine will be smooth and will show any flaws such as knots with other natural characteristics.

Oak doors can be made from a red oak or a white oak that has different characteristics. Pine doors can be made from yellow pine, a white pine, and even a red pine, etc. Compare the types of wood that you have available for internal sliding doors.

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