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Reforming Immigration Policy In America

Reforming Immigration Policy In America

Immigration Policy means the rules which one country made for the people who are coming to their country to stay or for work.  These rules are defined according to the country’s government and vary from country to country.

Immigrants play a major factor in the economic development of a country. There are different thoughts regarding immigration. For some people, there are several benefits of immigration. Like the first one where migrants play an important role in the development of the country, they work for your country and contribute to economic development.

According to the other people migrants take the jobs of the native one and they are destroying the economic growth. But the truth is immigrants work in their specialized area and hence produces profits for the country.

Immigrats - America's Secret Sauce
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Rob Sobhani in one of his book wrote about the requirement of changes in immigration policies of America. He suggested five strategies to bring changes in immigration. People migrate to another country in the hope of better future and facilities but in America, they are getting exploit and their families are being separated.  There are some suggestions for reforming the immigration policies are:

  • There is a need to make changes to the family reunion policy where a number of people are being added to the country without knowing whether they are skilled or not. It is hampering the growth of the country and increasing the population without any benefits from the migrants.
  • America is a well-developed country so it attracts more migrants. They should develop such programs which help in the development of their neighboring nations also. It will lead to minimizing the number of migrants to the country.
  • Such laws should be demolished that permits a number of people to leave the country which is living from years and contributing to the development.
  • Should pay attention to the legalization of the future migrants. This leads to help in regulating the country properly without any hassle.

Migrants are not ruining your nation instead they are helping in the development. If a migrant is practicing law education in America then it will be an asset for the country in the future. Immigration reforms should be done in a profitable manner so it will enhance the country growth.

Armenia and Azerbaijan Conflict: How Can It Be Resolved

Armenia and Azerbaijan Conflict: How Can It Be Resolved

Making an agreement with Armenia would be a step towards the betterment of Azerbaijan. With this, I mean that Azerbaijan should grant the territory of Nagorno-Karabakh to Armenia with the Lachin Corridor so as to get back all the remaining occupied territory and a right to use the Meghri corridor railroad.

There can be several ways in which this conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan can be resolved. As quoted by Rob Sobhani, there can be no peace treaty between these two nations without the intervention of the United States Of America.

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Conflicts are usually resolved with good will, compromise, and united goals. But in the present situation, none of these are possible as both the countries follow zero-sum policies. In simpler terms, it is more like ‘I get everything I want or nothing.’

But steps should be taken in this regard. The first step is the formation of good will. As both the parties do not trust each other, any negotiation is regarded as very dangerous. In fact, both of them have nothing but ill will towards each other.

People have negative views on each other and with this kind of attitude of the people; there is no possibility of any compromise made. To proceed further, this must be remedified on priority.

After a trust is built between the people of both sides and a good will is assumed. Now compromises must be made by each party to eventually reach the goal of settlement. Primarily, these settlements will be of a regional nature as the main reason for the conflict is territorial itself.