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Advantages of Staying in a Hostel

Advantages of Staying in a Hostel


When we travel the world, the first thing we consider is the accommodation. Many travelers prefer to stay in hotels to have a grand experience. However, another alternative to hotel is a hostel. Hostel’s come in various sizes and rates that offer some of the best experiences to travelers. These are a few advantages of staying in hostel over hotel.

  1. It is Cheaper – Staying in hostel will allow you to save more money when compared to hotel. Your trip becomes more valuable and fun as you get to use the saved money on other things such as shopping for souvenirs, enjoy an outdoor activity etc.
  2. Get to Make New Friends –Although there are many travelers who prefer to stay in a hotel, they don’t tend to talk to each other as they are always staying inside their rooms. The same is not the case as hostels have common rooms where travelers come together and get to talk to each other.
  3. Get to do Activities – Travelers staying in hostel tend to get together in doing various activities such as BBQ dinner, movie nights, pub parties etc. It is moments like these that makes it worth staying in a hostel over hotel.
  4. Rooms – Similar to hotels, even modern hostels are well-equipped with all the amenities. Travelers also get to choose rooms depending on their choice from single to double.
  5. Diversity – The travelers coming to hostels come from all parts of the world. This is the perfect opportunity to learn cultures, languages etc of one another.

Enjoy these set of advantages during your time in hostels in Thailand.

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